1. teenage dream

    you’ll have to pardon the mess of this film - once again i’ve impatiently taken a roll of film to walgreens while on vacation instead of saving it for the lab. 

  2. "BACK TO SCHOOL" pt. 2 

  3. "BACK TO SCHOOL" pt. 1 

  4. men with cameras have a special place in my heart

  5. three party animals, one patio

  6. once every three months or so i tend to grow increasingly restless within my surroundings. 

    the only remedy, it seems, is to throw a few things into a bag and escape for a few days, if not just for a breath of fresh air.

    this familiar feeling struck me again during the last week of winter and i found myself roaming the streets of manhattan with just a couple of dollars & a roll of film.

  7. the san fernando valley in spring

  8. photos by larsen sotelo

  9. selects from a test shoot with the lovely anastasia, a recent transplant from NYC.

  10. this gorgeous vintage mercedes belongs to a good friend of mine who is currently out of the country. 

    about two weeks ago, he asked me to transport it to a new home, so i happily obliged and “borrowed” it for the afternoon.